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Ribbon Cable Conversion Board Version 2 and Sensor Classic to CEM3 Upgrade Kits


The ribbon cable conversion board version 2 (Ribbon R2 Circuit Board Assembly) and covers were developed for situations were in a CEM Classic to CEM+/CEM3 upgrade has limited room behind the backplane leaving not room for the Upper and lower ribbon cable adapted cards.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This single cable adapter (Ribbon R2 Circuit Board Assembly) simplifies installation and has a smaller physical footprint off the back of the CEM+/CEM3 backplane. The Ribbon R2 Circuit Board Assembly and covers were put in the installation rack upgrade kits but not the touring rack/pack upgrade kits in 2018.  Touring racks/packs have known clearances and are less problematic, so it was not urgent to put these cables into these kits.  We do intend to move these cables into the kits at some point in the future.


If you are working on a touring rack/pack upgrade and desire the new, extended, version 2 cables and covers you will need the following parts:

7150B5707 CEM Upgrade Ribbon R2 Circuit Board Assembly

7150A4011 Backplane Adapter Box Bottom Shell – Plastic

7150A4012 Backplane Adapter Box Top Cover - Plastic


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