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Sensor3 Has Blank Screen and Red Panic Light


Sensor3 processor (CEM3) has a backlit but blank screen and the panic light is lit.  No control of the circuits.


When the CEM3 is powering on, for a brief instance the screen will be lit and blank and the Panic, DMX A, and DMX B will be illuminated.  Shortly after this, the screen will populate with "ETC CEM3" and continue the boot up process.  If the screen does not carry forward from the backlit but blank state, then the issue could be in the reset circuitry or another component on the circuit board.


  1. Power down the panel, wait 30 seconds, power back on.  If still no change, ...
  2. Power down the panel and remove the processor.  Flip the test switch at S3 to normal, or switch it to test then back to normal
  3. Re-install the processor and power on the panel
  4. If the processor continues to stay on a blank screen with the red panic light on, please contact ETC Technical Services to begin the RMA process


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