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CEM3 Overvoltage Error

Overvoltage Error


CEM3 is reporting overvoltage errors
Mains in reads normal when measured

Explanation of Issue

If the mains in voltage reads normal to the CEM3, there may be two possible causes (in order of possibility):

Component failure

As is the nature of power components, components can fail in time. Power surges, spikes, brownouts, and anything else that affects mains power can affect the input side of components on the CEM3. There are several components per phase which can cause an overvoltage error to be thrown when they fail, none of which are repairable in the field

Lost Calibration

Each phase calibration is stored in DSP memory. It is unknown what could cause calibration memory to be lost, but it does rarely occur. Calibration cannot be set in the field


Please contact ETC Technical Services to begin the RMA process

Phase Voltages at 409V


All phases reading 409V
Frequency reading 40Hz
CEM3 powers on and boots fully
Not responding to DMX / No output

Explanation of Issue

There are two possible causes of this issue, one of which can be attempted to be repaired in the field

The first possible cause is corrupted FPGA and DSP firmware data
Attempt a reload of the firmware. If the problem persists, then the FPGA EEPROM chip has likely failed

The second, and most likely, possible cause is a failed FPGA EEPROM chip and cannot be repaired in the field


Attempt a reload of the firmware using Updaterator. If the problem persists, please contact ETC Technical Services to begin the RMA process


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