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Configuration Behavior When Moving a CEM3 Between Racks

Sensor3 backplanes contain memory which holds a copy of the rack configuration, including all 64 presets. Dip switch 1 (or DBM: Disable Backplane Memory) on the bank of 8 switches that determine the rack configuration will determine whether the CEM3 will load the config from the backplane or use its locally stored config. By default, the switch is set to OFF, which means the backplane memory is enabled and a CEM3 will load the configuration from the backplane at boot. Therefore, when putting a new CEM3 in the rack, you will not need to manually load a configuration file.

When the DBM switch is set to ON, the CEM3 will not attempt to load the config from the rack and will instead use its local configuration. The CEM3 will also use its local configuration if the switch is set to OFF but it fails to load the config stored on the backplane.

For backup purposes, configuration files can be stored on USB storage, on a remote PC via the web interface, or on an FTP server. Configuration files are saved with a date code (0120130502 10:30:00 would be May 2nd, 2013, 10:30:00am, All files use 01) or with the Rack Name specified within the configuration. Once saved to a flash drive or computer, the file name can be renamed.

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