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Minimum Levels in CEM3


Is it possible to set a minimum level on a dimmer using CEM3 (Sensor3)? Quite often people are trying to meet a minimum lighting level requirement for walkway or overhead lighting to allow for safe movement within a facility during a performance.


On a per-dimmer basis you can use Concert, or the CEM3 facepanel to enable Preheat, and change the Minimum Scale from 6 to the desired voltage (start at about 20). Also you may wish to alter the Preheat Time depending upon application. Preheat Time is a modifier to Preheat that defines a time that the dimmer stay at zero output when its control channel is brought to zero after being at a higher level. After completing that off time it will then fade back up to the Preheat level, as defined by Minimum Scale. It allows a true blackout to happen in the facility for a few moments.