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No Control of Sensor3 via Console and Screen Says "Preset Active"


You may find that you are unable to control the loads in your Sensor3 while an Arch preset is active.

Explanation of Issue

Sensor3 allows the user to set a priority between Arch control (like Presets) and incoming data.  If this is set so that Arch control is a higher priority than incoming data, then the console may not be able to control loads while a preset is active.

To see your current Arch Priority:

  1. Press [Setup]
  2. Scroll down to "Rack" and press [Enter]


You have two options to change this- you can lower the Arch Priority to be lower than your console output priority or you can simply de-activate the preset to regain console control until another preset is played.

To lower Arch Priority

  1. On the CEM3 press [Setup]
  2. Scroll down to "Rack" and press [Enter]
  3. Scroll down to "Arch Priority" and press [Enter]
  4. Type in the new priority via the number pad and press [Enter]

To de-activate all presets

  1. On the CEM3 press [Test]
  2. Scroll down to "Release All Arch" and press [Enter]

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