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Sensor CEM Software Revisions

1.00    6/1/93    27202    T18.3 C11   
Initial release of the Sensor CEM controller software.  This is basic software that provides dimming, and dimmer control through the front panel. 

1.01    6/7/93    27202    T18.3 C12.6   
This is a minor bug fix release, and the release of the about and setup menus on the front     panel. 

1.02    6/18/93    27202    T30 C13   
This version adds more menu items, adds recording dimmer loads, more support for fluorescent dimmers, more functions in the self test menu, and some bug fixes. 

1.03    6/22/93    27202    T33 C14.2   
This release of the CEM includes additions to the self-test menu, and some bug fixes.  In 1.02, the generate defaults self-test item was generating a table that didn't work except in rack 1. 

1.04    7/29/93    27202    T35.1 C14.5   
This is bug fix release.  In 1.03, using the [Next] key when the dimmers in the rack didn't have contiguous dimmer numbers didn't work.  Also, clearing dimmer errors with the [Clear] or [Enter] keys sometimes left the error on the display.  The problems with airflow shutdowns after the fan had been turned off and then back on is fixed also. 

1.05    8/31/93    27202    T37.2 C15.2   
Entering reverse order dimmer ranges didn't always work in earlier versions.  Also, clearing dimmer overtemp errors at the front panel now clear all overtemp errors for that slot.  Changing parameters on the front panel no longer displays "Requires reset", the change is automatically applied.  First release of support for the spider board in the SR48T touring racks.  Adds more functions to the self-test menu. 

1.07    9/10/93    27202    T40.1 C15.4   
Added a flag that allows the airflow sensor to be disabled all the time.  When the airflow sensor is disabled, a beacon error flashes.  Adds more bug fixes, features, and self-test items. 

1.21    10/22/93    27202    T41.4 C20.4   
This is the first release with ETCLink functionality.  Only major feedback options are working, and there is no rack to rack communications.  Other major changes include: Not having to reset the rack when entering a new rack ID,  Recorded loads below 100W display as 0, and added panic circuit support. In earlier versions, dimmer overtemp checking was turning off the wrong dimmers on the SP48 racks (spider board problems), which has been fixed. 

1.22    11/9/93    27202    T43 C20.5   
Adds more features to ETCLink, rack-to-rack configuration checking, and power-up test of the network interface (failure causes the ETCLINK FAILED message). 

1.23    11/16/93    27202    T43 C20.7   
Major extension to ETCLink.  Adds the EEPROM configuration transfer messages.  Also changes the display of the actual load in about dimmer to display the recorded load if the dimmer didn't have any load errors on it  (this prevents rounding errors from displaying different values for recorded and actual). 

2.01    2/17/94    27202    T57 C23.0   
THIS IS THE FIRST PUBLIC RELEASE WITH ETCLINK.  All the major functions of the front panel are now global across linked racks (dimmer editing, About, Backup looks, and Setup).  Added the panic circuit to ETCLink. 

2.03    3/22/94    27202    T59 C23.3   
This release reflects changes made to deal with large dimming systems (>32 racks).  This is in preparation for the installation of ETCLink at MGM.  Timings are changed, and the racks have been slowed down by using the rack ETCLink address as a scaling number for timing delays (thus the more racks you have the network automatically slows down to accomodate the higher traffic).  Also fixes some major problems with the configuration checking, and network message queue overruns that would take CEM's offline on ETCLink. 

2.04    7/29/94     27202    T66 C24.2 
This release primarily adds functionality to the ETCLink network interface.  More information has been added to the rack and dimmer information messages.  The communications reliability has been improved on most messages.  Messages were added to support the Sensor Handheld and new Obsession features for configuring the dimmer firing mode and boost from the console.  The CEM now fully supports the remote backup preset stations for playing/recording backup looks.  The CEM now automatically updates Backup look data when a CEM's ETCLink address is changed, or when the rack's configuration is updated. 

2.1   7/28/95            T72 C26 
This release adds support for SP12 portable packs.  The data loss fade time entry in the Setup/System menu now allows for times up to 999 seconds.  It also provides bug fixes from 2.04. 

2.12  8/11/95     262144 
This release fixes a number of bugs in 2.1, primarily in regard to AF feedback and ETCLink.  It also fixes a 2.1 bug with could create flicker in dimmer levels.  Released on ECO 1818. 

2.13  9/6/95       
This release fixes a feedback bug in 2.1 and 2.12.  Released on ECO 1829. 

2.14  4/22/96       
This release provides some UI changes, and fixes a number of bugs in earlier versions.  This release also provides support for the UPSAC Unison processor.  This release is the end of the line for CEM version 2.xx software.  Any user with version 2.1 - 2.13 should be updated to 2.14.  Released on ECO 1934. 

3.00  6/23/98           
This releases major changes into the CEM software, including configuration-sensitive menus, curve selection, scale voltage, standard and advanced addressing, and Unique Dimmer Numbers.  New modules and Delta racks are now also supported.  There are also bug fixes since 2.14/2.2. 

3.10  6/23/98           
This release primarily fixes bugs found in 3.00, primarily in regards to Standard addressing mode, backup stations, Dimmer Doubling, and Data Loss Fade Time. 

3.11   11/8/2000 
Adds "1st UD" option in generate defaults and frequency filter (diagnostic test) 
Fixes some 3.10 bugs

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