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Sensor MPE in SR6 Rack - Goes into Alarm and Dimmer Output Turns Off Shortly After Being Commanded On


EQUIPMENT: MPE (with PCB-style airflow sensor) in an SR6 Rack

SYMPTOMS: MPE goes into alarm and the dimmer outputs turn off shortly after they are commanded on.  This happens after the SR6 fan has been off due to no dimmers being on.  The fan turns on as soon as the MPE receives the command ot turn on a dimmer.   

 There are two different airflow sensors that are used with CEMs and MPEs. The ETC part numbers are TS107 (old "can" style) and 7050B5051 (new "PCB" style).

7050B5051 (New "PCB" Style)
NOTE: An MPE with this sensor should not be used in an SR6 rack.


SR6 Rack

Description/Explanation of Issue

In an SR6 rack, The PCB airflow sensor does not receive enough airflow when the fan is first turned on, so the MPE briefly turns off the dimmers in response to not detecting airflow.


Only MPE's with the can style of airflow sensor should be used in SR6 racks. 

If you do not have access to an MPE with a can style airflow sensor, please contact ETC or your ETC dealer to set up an RMA to replace your PCB airflow sensor (7050B5051) with a can style airflow sensor (TS107).

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