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Setup A Dimmer To Be Always On In Sensor Classic 2.14 Software


Sensor CEM version 2 code does not have an "always on" firing mode but we can set a dimmer that way.


To set a dimmer to be always on:

  1. Press [Setup]
  2. Press [1]-Dimmer
  3. Type the dimmer number on the numeric keypad [###] and press [Enter]
  4. Press [4]-Switched firing mode and press [Enter]
  5. Press [right arrow] to move to the next screen.
  6. Press [Enter] to move cursor to bottom line
  7. Type [0] for Level and press [Enter] (the display will change to say "1" -- this is expected)
  8. If the signal light on the dimmer module does not come on immediately, you may need to repeat steps 6 & 7 once more
  9. [Exit] back out to the normal display
Note-Icon.png This setting will persist through a power outage or a reset.  If you look at about dimmer it will report a level of 0%
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