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SmartPack Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are my power requirements?

A. Single Phase configuration (two hots):  60A 120/240 VAC
     Three Phase configuration:  40A 120/208VAC

Q. Within what voltage and hertz tolerances with the Smartpack operate?

A. The pack's operating range is:  85-140 VAC, 47-63Hz

Q. What size cable should I land onto the feed, neutral, and ground lugs:

A. Single Phase configuration (two hots):  6/4 SO, SJO
     Three Phase configuration:  8/5 or 6/5 SO, SJO

Q. How many amps does each circuit allow?

A. The 12 channel unit offers 10A per channel and the 6 channel unit offers 20A per channel.

Q. What are the output configurations available on the Smartpack?

A. Stagepin  (SPG) (12 outputs for all versions, on the 6 channel unit, 2 outputs belong to one dimmer.)
     Edison  (PBG)  (12 outputs for all versions, on the 6 channel unit, 2 outputs belong to one dimmer.)
     Twist-Lock (6 outputs, not available in 12 channel due to size of connection in relation to the backplane)
     PowerCon  (24 connectors for 12 channel version, 12 connectors for 6 channel version.)

Q. Can I run the unit in single phase and three phase?

A. Yes, you can.  Refer to the phase converting document, part number:  7020M2200 for converting from three
     phase to single phase (two hots).  To run the pack in true single phase (one hot)  the customer will need to use
     a piece of cable of the same gauge as the feed cable to tie the L2 and L3 lugs to the powered lug within the

Q. Can the pack control other units through DMX?

A. No, the male DMX connector is strictly a through port.  To control multiple racks, the DMX cables should go
     from the through port on the primary pack to the in port on the next pack and so on. 

Q. How do I terminate DMX?

A. For wall mount packs, there is a termination switch on the I/O board for the pack. This is discussed in the installation manual provided with the Wall Mount SmartPack units.     Fort Portable SmartPack units a terminated XLR should be plugged into the through port on the last pack.  A terminator can be made by soldering a 100 ohm resistor across       pins 2 and 3 of a male 5-pin XLR.

Q. How do I turn the unit off?

A. To stop all voltage to the pack, the feed power should be turned off.  The breaker on the far-left front of the pack
     is a standby switch.  This switch will turn off power to the control board, but will not stop the feed going to the
     power board within the pack.

Q. How many presets can the pack store?

A. 32

Q. How do I turn the channels on from the pack?

A. By using the test menu (light bulb button) a user can run up a single channel or all channels to a desired level. 

Q. How do I maintain the unit?

A. Depending on the environment, the pack should be opened and cleaned periodically.  Please use compressed
    air as found in small cans to blow out dust.  It is not advisable to use a vacuum as this has the potential to
    build up ESD which can damage the electronics within the pack.

Q. Is the DMX input optically isolated?

A. Yes, it is.  The pack uses the common 6N137 to provide optical isolation on the pack.  This chip is located on
     the control board underneath the DMX wire harness.

Q. Can I get a pack with a terminal strip on the back?

A.  Yes.

Q. How do I start a sequence?

A. Within the menu structure of the pack, there is a sequencer sub-menu.  Please refer  to the user manual to program and activate the sequencer.

Q. Can I record a DMX snapshot from my console?

A.  Yes, just as you can record a preset when levels are set within the test menu, a preset can be recorded when the channels are controlled through DMX.

Q. Are there any user Servicable parts inside the unit?

A.  Yes, the glass fuses that reside on the power board, the SCR power cubes, the control board, and the circuit breakers are all relatively easy to replace.  As per all ETC equipment, the situation and the comfort level of the user will dictate to what extent parts can be changed in the field.

Q. Can I change my output panels?

A. Changing the power output power connectors will void any warranty, UL and CE listings for the pack. ETC does not recommend that you change these out. If you choose to do so, please take care that the Faston connectors that connect the leads to the panels will begin to loosen after being disconnected and reconnected 2 or 3 times.

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