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SmartPack or SmartSwitch station buttons light up when pressed, but no lights turn on


I have a SmartPack or SmartSwitch, with connected preset button stations. When I press the buttons, the LEDs on the buttons light up the way they normally do, but none of my lights turn on.

Explanation of Issue

If the button LEDs are lighting up as you push a button, and you see a P in the top-right corner of the SmartPack or SmartSwitch screen, the stations are communicating properly, and believe they are activating presets. It's likely that some or all of your presets have been re-recorded with no lights on.

If Remote Record is enabled, this is particularly easy to do; holding down a preset button on a station while the lights are off will record a blank look over that preset.


First, check to make sure your lights are all still working by using the Test feature on your SmartPack or SmartSwitch.

If your lights are still coming on, you will need to restore your presets. Unfortunately, there is no memory backup for SmartPack or SmartSwitch. Follow the steps in this article to re-record the presets manually.

If you wish to disable the Remote Record feature to disable the ability to record presets from your stations, follow these steps:

  1. On the SmartPack or SmartSwitch user interface, use the Plus or Minus buttons to scroll until you see [Stations], and hit the checkmark.
  2. Use the Plus or Minus buttons to scroll until you see [Remote Record], and hit the checkmark.
  3. Use the Plus or Minus buttons to select [Disable], and hit the checkmark.
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