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Presets - Creating and Using Simple Persets on Foundation

If you have created and assigned a user as a Preset Operator, you must designate the presets they can operate from the Simple Presets screen that appears when they log in.

To set a preset as a simple preset, access the Presets screen and select a preset. Click the Options button to access the Preset Options dialog. Press the box next to Simple Preset to designate the preset as a simple preset.

Once you have set a preset as a simple preset, an S appears in the upper right-hand corner of the preset.

creating preset 1.jpg

When you log in as a Preset Operator type user, the Simple Presets screen appears with any simple presets set in your system. To operate them, press on the preset you want to run and the preset is loaded to the Manual screen.

Press and hold either of the illuminated Go buttons to run the preset.

creating preset 2.jpg

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