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P75 Self Climber (P75-SC) and Diverter Block Layout Guidelines

The P75-SC Hoist is built into a 10' section of Tomcat medium-duty truss. The hoist uses lift line pairs to suspend the hoist/truss from the building structure with a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 lift line pairs exiting either end of the hoist. The lift line pairs route through diverter blocks mounted on top of the truss to mule lift lines to the building structure.

The ETC P75-SC Diverer Blocks are designed to mount to either 10' or 5' Tomcat medium duty 20.5" x 20.5" truss. The diverter blocks clamp around the top truss chords and have a minimum spacing requirement around the vertical and angled truss members.

Please contact your ETC Project Manager for other truss layouts.

P75-SC Hoist Detail.png

Diverter Block Layout
  • Minimum spacing from angled bracing and vertical supports
    • 5' Tomcat Truss
      • Vertical 0.5"
      • Angled (/\): 2"
      • Interior (\): 0.5"
    • 10' Tomcat Truss
      • Vertical 0.5"
      • Angled (/\): 25"
      • Interior (\): 0.5"
    • Roll Pin Spacing, Minimum Spacing 6.25"
    • Minimum Spacing Pin to Lift Line
      • 5' Truss: 21.25"
      • 10' Truss: 20.25


\ = Interior support angle (from top chord to opposite bottom chord)

/\ = Side angle supports, measured from the center line of the two angle (from top chort to bottom chord on same side)

P75-SC Diverter Block Detail.png

  • P75-SC Diverter Block Crate/Box: 26" L x 23/5" W x 12" H
  • P75-SC Diverter Block Accessories Box: 12" L x 14" W x 8" H
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