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Fixture libraries on a Wholehog 2


Fixture libraries are no longer being written for the WholeHog 2 series. This includes the Hog 500 and Hog 1000.

There are ways to write your own or modify the existing library. The standards to write your own library can be found in the Hog 2 manual on page 165. If writing your own library and the fixture's manufacturer does not exist, use manufacturer 99.

Steps to add a fixture library file to a Hog 2

  1. Copy the show that you want the fixture in onto a disk
  2.  Open the disk on a PC
  3. Open the _lib.lib file in a text editor
  4. Increase the count
    This tells the console how many fixture libraries have been added
  5. Paste the file that you want to add into the file after version and count
  6. Save the file and load it back into the Wholehog II
    If the proper manufacturer and product code numbers were used then you should see it in your fixture schedule under the proper manufacturer.
    If the manufacturer does not exist, then it will appear at the bottom of the Fixture Schedule

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