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How to build 16 bit parameter for a WholeHog 2 fixture library


Use this guide to build a 16-bit parameter for a fixture on a Hog 2, Hog 500, and Hog 1000.


A 16-bit parameter is a parameter that takes 2 channels of DMX.

Usually, Pan & Tilt are 16-bit parameters. This can be specified in the DMX chart as a channel for Pan and another for Pan Fine. It might also be specified as Pan Course and Pan Fine.


  1. Define the parameter
  2. Define the default DMX value
    The Default is going to be a number between 0 and 65535. When building a 16-bit parameter, the range of DMX is 0 > 65535.
  3. Set the highlight DMX value
  4. Set the crossfade value
  5. Set the type value. The type will need to be htp16bit or ltp16bit depending on the parameter.
    htp = Highest Takes Precedence. It is generally used for fader controlled parameters like Intensity
    ltp = Latest Takes Precedence. It is generally used for focus (position), colour, and beam parameters
  6. Set the range of DMX values for the parameter to be 0, 65535.

Example of a 16-bit pan

parameter = Pan
default = 32768
highlight = 0
crossfade = 0
type = ltp16bit
deflection = 540
range = 0, 65535, %

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