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BIOS Settings, Full Boar 3

Accessing the Bios

  1. Attach a keyboard to the console and power on the console
  2. During the boot process, press and hold the DELETE key
  3. The BIOS Setup Utility will open
  4. Follow the guidelines below to restore the default Full Boar settings per motherboard model

Advantec AIMB-763

Standard CMOS Features

  • Adjust System time and date
  • Legacy Diskette A: Disabled

Advanced Bios Features

  • CPU Feature
    • Delay Prior to thermal: 8 min
    • Execute Disable Bit: Disabled
    • Virutalization Tech: Disabled
  • 1st boot: CD-ROM
  • 2nd boot: Hard Drive
  • 3rd boot: USB-FDD
  • Bootup Floppy Seek: Disabled
  • Small Logo: Enabled

Advanced Chipset Features

  • PEG/OnChipVGA Control: Peg Port

PnP/PCI Configuration

  • Init Display First: PCIEx

Integrated Peripherals

  • OnChip IDE Device
    • On-Chip Serial ATA: AHCI
  • On Boar Device
    • USB Keyboard Support: Enabled
    • Azalia/AC97 Audio Select: Disabled
  • Super IO Device
    • Onboard FDC Controller: Disabled
    • Onboard Serial Port 1: Disabled
    • Onboard Serial Port2: Disabled
    • Onboard Parallel Port: Disabled
    • PWRON After PWR-Fail: On
    • Onboard Serial Port 3: Disabled
    • Onboard Serial Port 4: Disabled

Power Management

  • Wake-Up by PCI card: Disabled
  • Power On by Ring: Disabled
  • PCI Express PM Function
    • PCI Express PME: Disabled


PDF for Full Boar 3 bios document attached below.

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