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LTC MIDI combo widget not loading on Road Hog 3


The USB LTC/MIDI combo widget is not loading or populating the MIDI or LTC menu systems on the Road Hog 3 when plugged in. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

In most cases, this is due to an incorrect Bios setting on the Road Hog 3 console.


  1.  Power off the console
  2.  Connect an external USB keyboard to the Road Hog 3 console
  3.  While the console is booting up, hold the DELETE button on the USB keyboard
    The bios screen should appear on the screen shortly after booting
  4.  In the Bios screen, change the HD Audio Controller setting to Enabled
  5. Save the Bios changes and exit the bios
  6. Complete a full restore of your Road Hog console using the latest restore image
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