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Fixture Is Not In Hog 3 Library


A fixture that is being scheduled is not in the Hog 3 library.

Description/Explanation of Issue 

There are a couple of reasons for this issue:

  • The fixture was released after Hog 3 stopped receiving software updates so it could never be built into the fixture libraries that are included with Hog 3 software
  • The fixture might be in the uncommon library


If the fixture is in the uncommon library, follow these steps

  1. Launch a new show
  2. Select the uncommon library to be the library of the show
  3. Schedule and patch the fixtures needed
  4. Log off the show
  5. Launch the show that you want the fixtures in
  6. Merge the fixtures into the show
    1. [ Setup ] ( Shows )
    2. Select Merge Show and follow the Merge Show wizard
      The source show is going to be the show created in step 1
  7. After the merge is complete, the fixtures can be scheduled from the fixture schedule

If the fixture was released after Hog 3 stopped receiving software updates, then the fixture might have a fixture library on the FTP site. If the fixture is not on the FTP site, then there is not a Hog 3 fixture library available and the Fixture Builder on the console will have to be used to create the fixture.


Fixture library requests for Hog 3 are no longer being accepted

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