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How to add fixture libraries to a show in Hog 3


An individual fixture library that is not in the full fixture library needs to be added to the show file.

Fixture libraries in Hog 3 can only be added on a per show basis.

Steps to Solution

  1. Put the fixture library on a USB drive
  2. Put the USB drive into the console
  3. Launch the show file
  4.  Go to the shows window
    1. [ Setup ] ( Shows )
  5.  Tap on "File Browser" tab
  6.  Navigate to the USB drive and drag the fixture library to the Libraries Folder
  7.  Tap on "Show Manager" tab
  8.  Tap on ( Merge Shows )
  9.  Follow the prompts to perform a show merge. The source show is going to be the fixture profile in the Libraries folder
  10.  When asked which fixtures to merge, Check the ones you want to merge in
  11.  Tap on Next
  12.  Continue through the merge show process
  13.  Once complete, the fixture can be scheduled and added to the show.
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