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DP8000 boots to "initializing network"


DP8000 boots up normally and the LCD says "initializing network..." and no DMX Output is active.

Your device might be set to DHCP and there is not a DHCP server available on the network.

Description/Explanation of Issue

DP8000 boots up:

  1. I/O firmware ready
  2. I/O board connected
  3. I/O board disconnected
  4. I/O board connected
  5. Then after 45 seconds it loads up to "initializing network..."
  6. The DP8000 is requesting an IP-address and doesn't receive one from a DHCP server


Follow the steps:

  • Ensure that your network connection is physically fine (no broken cables) This can be checked by seeing if lights blink on the port.
  • Look to your Hog4 console and open the "Control Panel", navigate to "HogNet". Under DHCP/ Boot Server, select "enable DHCP Server" and press "Apply".
  • You may have to restart your DP8000 afterwards and it should boot up and got an IP-address from the DHCP server. (it can take some time after the successful boot)
  • If you would like to have your DP8000 on a fixed IP address you can set this manually afterwards and disable the DHCP server again.

If the above steps do not fix the issue, please contact your local ETC/HES dealer for assistance.

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