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Hog 4 Console Stuck on High End logo when booting


Console Stuck on High-End logo when booting

Description/Explanation of Issue

Console gets stuck on High End Systems logo when booting. You turn on power to the console and after you see the High End logo and then the console stops booting.

Consoles this applies to:

  • Full Boar 4
  • Road Hog 4
  • HedgeHog 4, 4E, 4N, 4S, 4X

Likely Causes

  1. Bios time and date not set correctly
  2. Bios battery removed
  3. Bios battery was removed and replaced
  4. Bios battery not charged


  1. Install a working bios battery (Bios battery is a Lithium-Ion 3v Battery code 2032)
  2. Connect an external keyboard and press the delete or F2 button when booting the console to enter BIOS
    1. (Note: the [DELETE] key on a console or wing will not work)
  3. In the BIOS:
    1. "load previous values" = yes
    2. set the console to the proper date and time
  4. Save and Exit BIOS