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Hog 4 console displays "No Sync"


When booting up the console, the internal display(s) show a "no sync" error 

Description/Explanation of Issue

The screen(s) are getting power, but not receiving signal. 


  1. Unplug any external monitors
  2. Unplug and inspect all connectors going from the back of the screen(s), Check for
    1. Bent pins
    2. Corrosion
    3. Ripped, frayed, or bent cables
  3. Perform a fresh install of the latest software if possible
  4. Contact HES support if replacing cables does not fix the issue.

    This could also be an early sign of a failing video card or motherboard. When possible, it would be advised to send the console in for repair, so that a certified repair technician can determine if a failing part needs to be replaced or repaired. 

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