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How to Replace the Battery on a RoadHog 4


A guide on how to replace the BIOS battery on a RoadHog 4

You will need

  • New CR2032 battery
  • 4mm and 3mm Hex keys
  • External USB keyboard


1. Remove these 9 screws (6 on the front panel, 3 on the rear) using appropriately sizes Hex drivers


2. Lift the metal cowl off the console and place to one side

3. Gently lift the screen forward, paying attention to the screen cables - do not overstretch these or let hte screen hang on them

4. Remove the main power connector from the motherboard


5. Replace the battery with a fresh CR2032 battery (available from most shops), paying attention to the polarity


6. Gently lower the screen back into position, and replace the cowl

7. Re-insert the 9 screws - it may be easier to insert them all loosely first, to allow wiggle room on subsequent screws

8. Power up the console, and immediately hit F2 or Delete on an external keyboard to enter BIOS

9. Set date and time correctly, and load BIOS defaults

10. Save and exit

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