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No dmx output from a Hoglet


A Hoglet is not sending out DMX when connected to Hog 4 PC or a Console.

Description/Explanation of Issue

A Hoglet might not be sending out DMX because the Widget in the Hoglet is not mapped to DMX universes.

If on Hog 4 PC, then the firewall or 3rd party antivirus software being on can cause the widget not to output.


If on a Hog 4 console, then connect the Hoglet and Map the widget

  1. Launch the show
  2. Go into the Network window
    [ SETUP ] ( Network )
  3. Go into the DP 8000 settings
    1. Right click on the DP 8000
    2. Click on Settings
  4. Go into the DMX Widget tab
  5. Activate the universe by hitting the Blue + sign
  6. Select the output from the drop down
  7. Click on OK to close the window and apply the settings


If on Hog 4 PC:

  1.  Turn off all 3rd party antivirus software and Windows Firewall
  2.  Restart the computer
  3. Map the widget using the steps above
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