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Replacing the displays on a Full Boar 4


Replacing onboard displays on a Full Boar 4

Description/Explanation of Issue

There have been two different displays used in Full Boar 4. Consoles must use two of the same type. There cannot be mixed display types on the same console.

Changing Display Model types in Full Boar 4
Beginning with serial number 5508416080763, Full Boar 4 displays are a new model.

When replacing an original model display with the current model, both displays must be replaced. A console cannot operate with mixed models of displays.

The original display has the GREEN PCB on the rear as in the photo below, part number 90306202EF.

The new display has the RED PCB on the rear as in the photo below, part number 80430183.

This will include consoles with a serial number of 5508416080762 or earlier, check the last four digits. Along with the displays and cables, the console receives a new BIOS and programming. The consoles will need to come to High End Systems for the replacement.

Part number 90306211EF is not a complete assembly, changes have been made at the manufacturer. Use part number 80430183.



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  1. PDF Document below with photos explaining
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