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Replacing the displays on a Full Boar 4



Replacing onboard displays on a Full Boar 4

Description/Explanation of Issue

There have been three different displays used in the Full Boar 4 consoles.  Consoles MUST use two of the same type.  

Identifying your current model of display

The original display model was used in Full Boar consoles with a serial number of 5508416080762 or earlier.  An original display has a green PCB, as in the rear as in the photo below.

FB4 Display Orig Markup.PNG

The second display model was installed in Full Boar serial number 5508416080763, until 72051075.  The second display has a red PCB, but no wiring running to the top right corner. 

FB4 Display 2016 Markup.PNG

The newest display model has been installed in Full Boars with a serial number of 72051076, and is currently being installed into all new consoles.  This new display will also be available to replace an older display.  The new display also has a red PCB, but there is wiring running to the top right corner.

FB4 Display New Markup.PNG

Changing displays in Full Boar 4

For those with the previous display model (also featuring a red PCB on the rear, but not wiring in the top right corner), both displays will need to be replaced, but this may be done in the field. The part number for the conversion kit is 80430184.

For those with the original display model (featuring a green PCB on the rear), the console will need to come into High End Systems for the replacement. The console will receive 2 new displays, the necessary cabling, and an updated BIOS.

For those with the new display model, the replacement part number for a new display is 80430186.


Master Wing 4 and Playback Wing 4

The new display will also be used on Master Wing 4 and Playback Wing 4. The conversion kit for these wings to use the new display is part number 80430185.



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