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Replacing a Version 1 Internal DMX Widget in a HPU with a Version 2 Internal DMX Widget


In October 2022, the original  Internal DMX Widget was replaced with the Version 2 Internal DMX Widget .  The new version has a couple differences.

Explanation of Issue

The Version 2 Internal DMX Widget fits into the HPU just as the original does.  

The header for the contact closure on the Version 2 Internal DMX Widget is installed differently so existing ribbon cables will need to be bent in a different direction to plug in. This will only be a problem when replacing old cards with new cards. New HPU production units will have the ribbon cable bent in the correct way.

The Version 2 Internal DMX Widgets require Hog 4 v3.19.0 or newer to be installed to function.  If the HPU is running v3.17.1 or older, the software will not find the new I/O cards, and the applicable DMX ports will not be mappable.  Additionally, the vent light will not properly work if you are using a Version 2 Internal DMX Widget on a version below 3.19.0; depending which slot the Version 2 Internal DMX Widget is placed in will determine if the blue or white vent light LEDs will not work (the top card controls the white vent lights, and the bottom card controls the blue vent lights).

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