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Wireless DMX not working with Hog 4


While using Hog 4 PC or a Hog 4 console, DMX data is not transmitted when connected to a wireless DMX System

Description/Explanation of Issue

Some wireless systems require a higher or lower refresh rate than the standard 25hz Hog sends. 


  1. Verify the console or Hog 4 PC is actually sending DMX by plugging a light directly into the console/widget ports
    1. If the light responds adjust DMX refresh rate
      1. See step 2
    2. If the light does not respond check that the output is properly mapped. 
      1. How to Assign DMX Port Universes on A Hog Console
  2. Reconnect the wireless system
  3. Open the Network window
  4. Right Click on processor and select setting
  5. Select the output tab
  6. Change the inner slot time to 0
  7. Change the refresh rate to 42 
  8. Press OK
  9. Try other refresh rates between 10 HZ and 42hz
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