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Control Functions are Not Working for Fixtures on a Hog4 Console


When sending a control function to fixtures (Lamp strike, lamp douse, P/T disable, reset, etc ) The fixture does not respond

Description/Explanation of Issue

The most likely reason is because the fixture has to receive the control value for a specific amount of time. Some fixtures have a minimum amount of time or DMX packets in order for the control function to be applied. Some fixtures also have to be in a home state, in order to apply a control function.


  1. A good practice for applying control functions is to send default values to the fixtures:
    1. Release all playback [PIG][RELEASE]
    2. Clear the programmer [Clear]
    3. Bring the grandmaster to zero
  2. Send the control function to the specified fixtures:
    1. [X] [Thru] [Y] (Control) (Control function) wait 3-5 seconds [Clear]
      1. Ex: [1] [Thru] [10] (Control) (Lamp strike) wait 3-5 seconds [Clear]
      2. Ex: [101] [Thru] [130] (Control) (Global Reset) wait 3-5 seconds [Clear]
      3. Ex: [51] [Thru] [55] (Control) (Fan Studio) wait 3-5 seconds [Clear]
  3. If the control function does not apply, try waiting a longer bit of time, especially for older fixtures
  4. Reference the user manual and DMX chart for the fixture to see under what state the fixture needs to be in order for a control function to be applied
  5. Reference the DMX  output of the console, and verify that the correct value is being sent from the console to the fixtures
    • [Setup] -> (DMX)
  6. Ensure the fixture is patched correctly with a clear line of DMX signal from the console to the fixture

Note: on the Hog4 consoles, control functions are not automatic, they must be manually sent and released from the programmer. 

This allows for control functions to be applied into palettes, macros, scenes, and cues, and to give the programmer complete control. 


Once the proper timings have been determined this can be recorded into a palette, macro, cue, or an auto releasing scene to streamline the process