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Control surface on Hoglet does not work but DMX is able to output on Hog 4 PC


A Hoglet connected to Hog 4 PC does not control the faders or the buttons in Hog 4 PC.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This can be caused because the drivers were not loaded to the Hoglet, or the drivers for the front panel version of the Hoglet are not included in the version of Hog 4 PC being ran.


The following steps are the order of troubleshooting. After each step, then try connecting your Hoglet and controlling Hog 4 PC again.

  1. Update Hog 4 PC to v3.12.0 or newer
    Important-Icon.png If the Hoglet was received new after April 2019, then Hog 4 OS must be v3.12.0 or newer.
  2. Check the firewall and user settings for the computer
    1. All firewall software should be turned off or disabled
    2. User needs to be an administrator
  3. Uninstall Hog 4 PC and Reinstall Hog 4 PC
  4. Make sure the Hoglet is not plugged into the computer and delete the drivers
    1. Open Windows Device Manager
    2. Navigate to the View tab
    3. Click on Show Hidden
    4. Remove all High End Systems devices
    5. Restart your computer
    6. Install Hog 4 PC again

If the steps above do not work, then contact High End Systems support for further troubleshooting.

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