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Crashed Hog 4 Console


Hog 4 console has crashed. 

Hog 4 console is frozen.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Hog 4 OS runs a series of processes that can start and or stop individually. Often, when the console appears to have crashed or frozen, it is only one process that is causing the problem, while the rest of the processes are running normally. The desktop may crash, while playback continues normally.


Restart the process

  1. Hold [ Pig ] + [ Open ] + [ Backspace ] to open the Launched Processes window
  2. Tap on the process that is not responding and hold down [ Pig ] + [ Set ] or  right click on it
  3. Select "Restart process"

Check Console Date and Time/ Replace the battery

If the console continues to crash, or frequently crashes, check the time and date, if the time and date are not accurate there is a good chance the BIOS battery is defective.

  1. Install a working bios battery (Bios battery is a Lithium-Ion 3v Battery code 2032)
  2. Connect an external keyboard and press the delete or F2 button when booting the console to enter BIOS
    1. (Note: the [DELETE] key on a console or wing will not work)
  3. In the BIOS:
    1. "load previous values" = yes
    2. set the console to the proper date and time
  4. Save and Exit BIOS
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