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Custom fixture with RGB and intensity does not work


A custom-built fixture using Hog 4 OS v3.9.0 or newer with RGB and Intensity does not turn on when the fixture is at 100%.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The fixture will not turn on due to the Intensity of the fixture is not set to 100%. There are two ways to fix this, to use the dimming of the fixture or to use the console's virtual intensities.


  1. Use the dimming of the fixture
    1. Open the fixture in fixture builder
    2. Go into the Functions tab
    3. Un-check Virtual Intensity for I Red, I Green, and I Blue
  2. Use the console's virtual intensities
    1. Open the fixture in fixture builder
    2. Go into the Basic tab
    3. Delete the intensity channel by hitting the red X clipboard_e5838afbe5485a74d28aa7cac09ead91e.png
    4. Tap on the +
    5. Add a Constant of the DMX value that is 100% intensity.


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