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Encoders On a Hog 4 Console Are Not Working


Either one or multiple encoders on a console or wing are not working. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

The PCB receiving the signal might be damaged.

The encoder might be loose


  1. It's best to ensure that the encoder is not functioning correctly and that it is not a show file or programmer issue.
    1. If logged into a show file, log out.
    2. From the Hog 4 start screen press (Control Panel)
    3. Select the (Diagnostics) Tab
    4. Select (Test Control Surfaces)
    5. Make sure your console/wing is automatically selected at the top of the screen
    6. Spin your encoder wheels, if the values change on screen then the encoder wheels are working correctly. 
  2. If all of the wheels are not functioning:
    1. The console will likely need to come in for repair. Please contact your local dealer to setup a repair
  3. If one(or multiple, but not all) of the encoder wheels are not working:
    1. It is possible that the wheel has come loose, 
    2. Using a 2mm Allen wrench, loosen the set screw from the encoder wheel
    3. Remove the encoder
    4. Adjust the metal part of the encoder
      1. if it responds in the test application, then the plastic encoder wheel just needs to be tightened on. 
      2. If it does not respond in the test application, the board will need to be sent in for repair, contact your local dealer.



Tip: If only a single encoder is defective, as a temporary workaround, you can create your own custom user kinds and map your parameters to the other wheels that are working properly. More information on Kinds can be found in 15: Kinds and Wheelsets

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