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Change Type of a Compound Fixture on Hog 4 OS


There is a lot of programming done on a compound fixture, but unfortunately, the fixture is not available and the programming needs to change from the original fixture to the new fixture. When doing this with a compound fixture, each part of the fixture must be changed separately.


  1. Select the fixture(s) you want to change the type on and hit Compound Explode

    This action cannot be un-done. If you want the original compound fixtures to still exist in your show, replicate the fixtures before performing this step.

    How a High End Quad looks before Compound Explode:

    How a High End Quad looks after Compound Explode:
  2. (Optional Step) Replicate the fixtures before changing type. This ensures a safe copy of your programming with the original fixtures.
    If you replicated before hitting Compound Explode, then this step is not needed.
  3. Select the fixture(s) that you want to Change Type and then hit Change Type
  4. If changing type to another compound fixture, make sure "View Compound Type Parts" is checked. This will allow you to see all the parts of a compound fixture.

    High End Hex in Choose Type without View compound type parts selected

    High End Hex in Choose Type with View compound type parts selected
  5. Find the fixture type and select it
  6. Hit OK
  7. Repeat as needed for the other parts of the compound fixture
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