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Add a fixture library to Hog 4 OS


Use this guide when:

  • You have a single fixture library for a fixture that has been made by HES
  • A fixture library that was exported from Hog 4 OS v3.9.0 or above
  • A full fixture library has been released, and you want to use it on your console

Steps to Solution

  1. Put the fixture library onto a flash drive
  2. Plug the flash drive into the console
  3. Open the file browser
  4. Navigate to the fixture library on the flash drive
  5. Drag the library from the flash drive to the "Libraries" folder
  6. Open the fixture window
  7. Choose Add Fixtures
  8. Choose Select Library
  9. Select the library you just added and click OK
  10. Schedule and add your fixtures as needed
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