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Fixture Is Not In The Full Library of Hog 4 OS


With every release of new software, a new fixture library is released. The new library will have many of the new fixtures that have been requested since the previous library update. If a fixture appears not to be in the console, In most cases the fixture may have actually already been created, but it might not show up on the console because the most recent full library has not been added to the desk. 

What to do if the fixture is not in my library?

Steps to Solution

 Step 1: Check to see if the console has the most recent library version

If you do not wish to upgrade your console to meet the minimum software version requirements for the full library available on the fixture library web page then please use the FTP links in step 2 to download the latest individual library files for your console

  1. Reference the library version on the website. 
  2. Reference the library version on the console.
    1. [Setup](Shows)(File Browser)(Libraries) 
  3. If the version on the console is not the same as on the website, download and install the most recent version.
    1. Download the most recent library version
    2. Copy the library to a USB drive
    3. Insert the USB drive into the console
    4. Move the library into the "libraries" folder
      1. [Setup](Shows)(File Browser)(*Flash drive*)
      2. Copy the file to the "Libraries folder"
Note-Icon.png A software update may be required if the console is not on a compatible version of the library release. See: How to perform a full software install on Hog 4 consoles.

Step 2: If the most recent library release is on the console, and the fixture desired is not included, an individual library may be available:

  1. Connect to FTP site for Hog fixture libraries


V3: Compatible with Hog 3 consoles running v3.1.9 > v3.2.6

V3: Compatible with Hog 4 consoles running v2.0.0 > v3.21.0

V4: Compatible with Hog 4 consoles running v3.9.0 > v3.21.0

V5: Compatible with Hog 4 consoles running v4.0.0 > v4.X.X


Pressing "control-F"(PC) or "command-F"(Mac) will allow searching within the page to find the fixture easily 

  Step 3: If the fixture is not in the full library, and it is not on the FTP site

  1. Check for open requests made by other users
    1. Search for the fixture by either manufacturer or name
      1. If a request has already been submitted, do not submit another request, unless the "Need by date" is not reasonable.
      2. If a request has already been made, and the "need by date" is not reasonable for your production, contact High End Systems Support
    2. If a request has not been created already:
      1. Submit a formal request, and specify
        1. Name of fixture
        2. Name of manufacturer
        3. Preferred mode(s)
        4. DMX footprint
        5. Official PDF of the DMX protocol for the mode(s) you have requested
        6. A need by date
        7. Any additional comments related to your request
Note-Icon.png Note: Turn around time for a fixture request average is 2 weeks, this is determined by user demand,fixture complexity, and developer discretion. 

Step 4: If the fixture is not available from any of the above steps

  1. Build the fixture in the Hog 4 fixture builder
    1. Note: it is recommended to use software 3.9.0 and above due to a redesigned fixture builder application.
  2. Contact High End Systems
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