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Create USB restore stick for DP 8000



The following procedure might be required for any DP8000 that need a software upgrade or downgrade and the normal procedure via the console is not working or if the DP800 is not booting properly.

Steps to Solution

Items needed to complete restore

  • 1GB or larger USB flash drive

This will DELETE ALL contents on the flash drive


  1. Make the USB flash drive bootable. This WILL delete ALL contents on the flash drive.
    1. Insert the USB flash drive into a Windows 7,8,10, or 11 PC 
    2. Open a dialogue box by holding the Windows key on your keyboard and pressing R
    3. Type "cmd" and press ENTER
      1. allow permissions if prompted
    4. At the command prompt type "diskpart" and press ENTER
    5.  When you are at the diskpart> prompt type "list disk" and press ENTER
    6. Look at the disk size to determine which disk is the USB flash drive you wish to make bootable and note the number
    7. Type "select disk #" where the # is the disk number from step f
    8. Type "clean" and press ENTER. This deletes all material on the USB flash drive
    9. Type "create partition primary" and press ENTER. This creates the partition on the USB flash drive
    10. Type "active" and press ENTER. This makes the USB flash drive bootable
    11. Type "exit" and press enter. This exits the disk partition utility
    12. Click on the Windows logo and then clock on computer
    13. Find the letter of the removable disk that needs to be formatted
    14. In the command prompt window type "format ?: /fs:fat32 /q" where ? is the removable drive letter that needs to be formatted. Press ENTER
    15. Label the volume "DP_RESTORE" and press ENTER 
  2. Download the latest DP8K Restore zip file from the DMX Processor 8000 support page on the High End website 
    1. All Hog 4 OS software versions
  3. Copy the files from the DP8K Restore zip file and paste them onto the USB flash drive
  4. Remove the USB flash drive from the computer


  1. Insert the USB flash drive you wish to use into one of the USB slots on your Macintosh
  2. Open the disk utility application.
  3. Select the USB flash drive from the list of external devices.
  4. Click on the "erase" button.
  5. Select MS-DOS "FAT" from the format menu and click okay.
  6. Close the disk utility application
  7. Open the terminal window
  8. In the terminal window, type diskutil list and hit ENTER
  9. Locate your USB flash drive in this list and type sudo fdisk -e /dev/disk# where # is the disk number of your USB flash drive and hit enter. When prompted, type in your computer password
  10. Type p and hit ENTER
  11. Type f 1 and hit ENTER. The terminal window should now read "Partition 1 marked active"
  12. Type write and hit ENTER
  13. Type exit and hit ENTER. You can close the terminal window
  14. Extract and copy the contents of the DP8K Restore Zip file to the USB flash drive
    1. All Hog 4 OS software versions
  15. Eject the USB Flash drive from the Macintosh computer

Network settings will need to be reconfigured after the restore.

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