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CMA is only reporting 640 x 480 display resolution


When looking at the CMA, the outputs are reporting a 640x480 resolution only. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

  • External display's connections are not secure
  • Proper cables are not being used
  • Extra adapters are plugged in and not being used
  • Cables are faulty
  • External display's resolution is 640 x 480


  1. Check connections are secure and properly connected
  2. Make sure that you are using an active adapter or cable.
    1. We support DVI-I
  3. Remove adapter(s) if not in use
  4. Swap displays and connections with ones that are known to work
  5. Use digital displays for the EDID data to be properly implemented
  6. Be sure the display supports more that just 640x480, CMA could be reading the correct information from the display (some LED processors have this issue, they may support more resolutions, but the EDID data is badly implemented) 
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