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SolaSeries Care Guide

Cleaning Optical Lenses

Lens Cleaning

Dust and atmospherics can gather on all lenses including the main output lens, zoom lens and focus lens in the fixture. While the HES Lens Defogging system will take care of most atmospheric residue, dust bunnies still need to be cleaned off of the lens to ensure its best performance.

What to Use

Lens cleaner is the best solution to use when cleaning optical glass, however it is important that it not contain Ammonia or any other harsh chemicals that may harm the coating of the lenses. HES uses MS-260 Miller-Stephenson Glass Cleaner and non-abrasive blue shop towels.

What Not to Use

Although soap and water solution may be good for your floors, it is not good on an unsealed lens. If too much is used it can get between the lens and leave a residue. As aforementioned, chemicals such as Ammonia and Alcohol are harmful to the coating on optical lenses.

Cleaning Glass Gobos

To remove fingerprints, dust and atmospherics from glass gobos, follow the same instructions listed above for lenses. Lens cleaner is the best solution for ensuring a longer gobo life.

Gobo Materials

Gobo dimensions vary fixture to fixture and can be found on each fixture’s Technical Data Sheet on our website at: 

Gobos included in the rotating gobo wheel can be made only from Borofloat Glass or Aluminum.

Gobos included in the static gobo wheel can be made only from Aluminum due to the thinness of the holders.

Steel gobos are not recommended for either wheel in ANY SolaSeries fixture.

Cleaning LED Fans/LED Heatsink

Over time, dust being brought into the fixture head by the intake fans that are used to cool the LED Light Engine will accumulate. Every 3 to 6 months, HES recommends taking off the head covers and blowing pressurized air through both sets of fans and the LED heatsink to get rid of unwanted dust. Be sure to hold the fan blades to keep them from spinning as this can cause the tachometer to be damaged.

Software Updates

Not all software updates are show critical (if they are, we will contact the dealers who have purchased the affected lights and ensure all customers are notified), but they can allow your fixtures to perform better and more efficiently. Software updates on the SolaSeries are not scheduled or announced but rather created when the need arises or a bug is found. Current fixture software can be found at  under “Software Download” listed below each fixture. The release notes will be listed in the download to inform you of any changes to expect.

- Instructions on how to upload software via the HES Special Uploader

- Software upload instructions via USB

Need an uploader? Contact your local dealer or reach out to

Please contact the HES Support Team for any questions regarding warranty or fixture care at or +1(512)-836-2242

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