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SolaFrame 3000 LED Macro Issues

What is an LED Macro? When sections of the LED engine are turned off and on in a sequence to create an effect. The macros are built in and should scroll left to right by default and this is something that Quality Control monitors before the fixture is QC passed.

Issue: The LED engine macros scroll from right to left instead of left to right or macro only scrolls a portion of the LED engine.

Possible Causes: a double printed connector name by the manufacturer that was not caught during production or a connector seated in the wrong place.

Solution: In the base of the unit, there is a silver metal box that houses 3 power distribution PCBs (see below). Check that the connections are not printed twice (ie LED 2, LED 2). If there are two of the same label, try swapping these two cables with where they are currently seated. Also check the connections to ensure that they all match the place they are seated. There will be a label both on the connector and underneath the connection seat.

Macro PCBs.PNG

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