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RAYN Touch Firmware Installation Guide

Firmware Installation
To update your RAYN Touch controller to new version, you will need to acquire the firmware file from your
RAYN Growing Systems provider, unzip the file, and load it onto the root directory of a USB memory
To update your controller to new firmware:
1. If the file has been provided as a zipped archive, unzip the file.
2. Transfer the unzipped file to the root directory of a FAT-formatted USB memory stick.
3. Insert the USB memory stick containing the firmware into the USB port on the controller.
4. Press the Settings (gear) button to open the System Settings.
5. Press the Files tab.
6. Press the Advanced button, then "Update Firmware" in the drop-down menu.
7. When the update has completed, remove the USB stick from the unit. Follow any additional
instructions on the controller.

8. Cycle Power to the RAYN Touch Controller/ Remove POE (Power over Ethernet) 

9. Verify firmware has updated under Settings-> Preferences (Software Version, Boot & Library Version are all located in the top right corner of the screen)

RT Software.JPG

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