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Fixing a popped lens on ROSA 300/600



Sometimes in shipping a Lene can pop out of  a reflector.  Here is how to fi it,

Fixing popped lens on  ROSA 300/600

Tools Required: #1 Philips Screwdriver, Rubbing Alcohol, Non-Abrasive Paper Towels

Optional Tools: Flathead Screwdriver, Small pinhead tool, Semi-permanent marker or pen

Accessing the LED Arrays

Note: Always ensure the fixture is powered off/not connected to power before servicing

Step One: Using a #1 Philips screwdriver, remove 8X screws located on the metal panel

Step Two: Once 8X screws are removed, carefully pull the panel down to allow the panel to be removed

Step Three: Gently pull mental panel up and out of the fixture and set to the side

Note: When re-installing the metal panel, ensure that the countersink screw holes are facing up

Step Four: Remove 4X #1 Philips screws with captive washers on each array cover (8 screws total)

Step Five: Gently remove  array covers and set aside

Step Six: Carefully Pop the lense back in place.   If you need  to remove the reflector, they twist off (Left to loosen, Right to tighten).

Reverse these step to reassable.

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