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How to Perform Range Confirmation Test for Echoflex Multi Button Interface and KSS Keycard Stations


How can I verify the signal strength between my Echoflex Multi-Button Interface (MBI) or KSS Keycard Station and its linked controller?


The Range Confirmation Test is available for both these control stations. This test will measure the signal strength between the station and its linked controller.

Things to note before performing this test:

  • The station must be linked to only one controller at the time of the test.

  • All wireless signal repeaters must be disabled for the duration of this test. 


  1. Prepare the site for configuration:
    1.  The circuit you are configuring must be powered on.
    2. Remove the station face plate to access the [TEST] button on the left side.
  2. Press and hold the [TEST] button for 6 seconds. All 3 LEDs on the front should blink to indicate entering test mode, then the red LED will continue to blink.
  3. Tap the [TEST] button until the amber LED is blinking. This is the range confirmation test option.
  4. To activate the test, press and hold the [TEST] button again for 6 seconds so all 3 LEDs blink again.
  5. Once the 3 LEDs cease to blink this time, one LED will blink for each received telegram to indicate signal strength.
    1. Reference the chart below (also found in the range confirmation test steps in the station manual)

station range confirmation LED chart.JPG

  1. The test will repeat every 10 seconds and run for a duration of 180 seconds.
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