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My Legacy Fluorescent Option Card Does Not Put Loads to Full In Panic Mode

When I power my Legacy Unison Rack from Emergency Power, my Fluorescent Loads go to their Dimmest States

When you feed a Legacy Unison DR rack with Emergency Power instead of Normal Power-you are sending full voltage through to any fixtures that are expected to be in your "Panic" look.  However, if you have a Fluorescent Option Card going to your loads-an Emergency Source of power may just cause those loads to go to their dimmest state.

Why do Legacy Fluorescent Option Cards behave that way?

The Legacy Fluorescent Option Card (PN: 7083B5001) is not created to innately open the 0-10 lines when it senses a loss in power.  This causes the 0-10 card to react to the incoming voltage as if it was receiving normal power for the unit but being given no command to "open" and thus put the fixture to full intensity.

How can I make my Panic Loads go to full if I am using this card?

  1. If you have an individual common run to each circuit on the Fluorescent Option Card, you can choose individual circuits to lift the common via a relay, switch, or contact.  This would cause the circuit to "open" and allow the load to go to it's full intensity.
  2. The common for each 6 circuits (1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24) is shared in the circuit board.  If you have one common landing per 6 circuits, you can insert a relay, switch, or contact to disrupt the common.  This would cause all fixtures landed in those circuits to be "open" and go to full intensity.
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