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How To Set All in Unison Legacy Processor


Sometimes you may encounter the need to bypass control and just turn on all the circuits in your Unison Legacy DR rack, whether for an emergency, troubleshooting, or other necessary situation. The 'Set All' option serves this purpose as it sets all circuits in the DR rack to a specified level.

How to Set All

Unison Processor Hidden Buttons.JPG

  1. Press and hold Hidden Unison Menu Activate Button above Unison Symbol on Unison Processor. Menu will change from "System OK" or "Dimmer Errors" to [STAT].
  2. Press the Arrow Down button until processor displays [SET ALL].
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Press the Up/Down Arrow buttons to adjust the level
    1. The level is displayed as 0-255, which is the DMX equivalent to 0-100.

How to Release Set All

Option A: When exiting the Set All menu, choose [YES] to restore DMX.

Option B: If you have already exited the Set All menu and selected [NO] to not restore DMX, re-enter the menu and exit again using option A.

Option C: Tap the RESET button to reset the processor.

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