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Legacy Unison Stations Connected but Unresponsive


Pressing a button on a Unison station that has power results in no response from the lights or station. If a button assigned to Off is present, its LED may be lit.

Description/Explanation of Issue

A Unison processor (CMEd, CME or CMEi) with an incorrect processor number will connect to stations, preventing the indicator waterfall seen when a station is disconnected, but it won't know what to do with them. This results in the station appearing connected but completely unresponsive.


  1. Enter the Arch -> Setup -> Processor/Address menu on the processor.
  2. Scroll to the correct processor number. In most cases, this will be Processor 1. In a system with multiple CME or CMEi processors in the same system, the number may vary.
  3. Press Enter. The screen will read "RESET NOW" and "Enter." Press the Reset button and allow the processor to reboot.

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