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Unison Processor Has no Architectural Configuration


Unison Processor has no configuration loaded (on CMEd, the screen will report "Dimmer Errors" and each dimmer will report "No DMX")

Cannot control lights from Unison stations

Stations are waterfalling (LEDs on the stations light up one by one instead of just the button being pressed lighting up)

Description/Explanation of Issue

If you have any of the symptoms above, your Unison processor may have lost its architectural configuration. This configuration is a file that is loaded from a floppy disk onto the processor, and the processor uses it to tell all of the Unison button, slider, and touch screen stations what to do. You will need to reload the configuration using the Unison processor's menu and a floppy with the configuration saved to it. See below on how to confirm if there is no configuration, as well as how to load a configuration.

Determining if The Configuration is Gone

Unison Processor Hidden Buttons.JPG

  1. Hold down the hidden Unison Menu Activate button located just above the multi-colored square and below the screen (see picture above). After holding down for a few seconds, you should see 'Menu Stat' appear on the screen
  2. Hit the yellow UP arrow button until you get to 'Menu Arch', press the green ENTER arrow button.
  3. You are in the architectural menu now. If you scroll through your options using the yellow UP arrow button, you should get the following options:
    1. Setup
    2. Save to Disk
    3. Load from Disk
    4. Diagnostics
  4. If you only have options C and D, you do not have a configuration and need to load one.

Loading a Unison Architectural Configuration

  1. Have a floppy disk with the architectural configuration inserted in the floppy drive on the right side of the processor.
  2. Using steps 1 through 3 from the previous section, get to the screen that says 'Load from Disk' on the bottom line
  3. Press the green ENTER button, the processor will then read from the floppy disk
  4. Choose the configuration you want to load, then press the green ENTER button.
  5. Allow the processor to load the configuration. Once it is done, navigate back to the arch menu and you should have all 4 options from the previous section. If it looks good, go test your stations for functionality. If they are still waterfalling, the following article may help: Unison Station Not Working

    Note: Your processor may read "Error Copying / Formatting Flash" during this process. This is normal, especially if the configuration was lost due to a power event. This does not require any input from the user and indicates that the processor is currently attempting to resolve a flash memory problem. Eventually it should continue to "Loading YOURCONFIG.cfg" and proceed as expected. If you see a "Load Failed" error or similar, contact ETC Technical Services.

  6. If the stations appear to be responding (i.e. preset buttons light up when you press them rather than waterfalling), but the dimmers do not respond, follow the steps in this article: Legacy Unison Stations Connected but Unresponsive