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Paradigm Log Files

Paradigm Log Files are often requested by ETC Technical Services to help troubleshoot issues within a Paradigm system. See the links below for instructions on saving logs:
How to Save Logs from a Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP)
How to Save Logs from a Paradigm Central Control Server (P-CCS)

Paradigm Log Files are typically saved to a filename of the format Paradigm_log#.tar.gz.  The number matches the processor number of the P-ACP generating the log archive. Paradigm Server logs are often saved as the filename log.tar.gz.

Logs are great at helping sleuth through problems, but they aren't always a silver bullet to the answer. Below is a typical, but non-comprehensive, list of of things we track and do not track in logs.

Info we track:
  • Paradigm version numbers
  • Preset activation or deactivation, and which space(s) it occurs
  • Timed event execution
  • Macro on or off
  • Override enable / disable
  • Group level sets
  • Stations binding and unbinding (both LON and Ethernet)
  • Heritage / Inspire station button presses, and resulting actions (if it's something the logs track)
  • Occupancy sensor occupancy / vacancy action
  • Incoming UDP / RS-232 / PSAP strings
  • When a Processor or Server reboots / application restarts (but not always able to track why)
  • When P-ACP or P-CCS in multi-processor systems reboot or are experiencing network connectivity issues
  • DRd rack communication issues
  • ACP power supply or contact I/O fluctuation
  • UTC Offset in a system
  • Discovering LightDesigner sessions and their IP addresses
  • Entering / Exiting LightDesigner Live Edit and from which IP address
Info we do not track:
  • Paradigm configs are not saved with the logs
  • Individual Channel level changes
  • Touchscreen button presses (neither Ethernet or LON)
  • Occupancy sensor state
  • Fader movements on any station
  • Outgoing PSAP triggers
  • Demand Response actions
  • Raise / Lower actions


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