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Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP) Won't Recognize USB/SD Media


I'm trying to save or load a configuration to my P-ACP, but the processor will not recognize any USB or SD media that I am using.

Explanation of Issue

It is possible the media you're using is the incorrect size or file system type. The P-ACP requires a SD card or USB drive that is 16GB or less, and must be formatted as either FAT16 or FAT32. The P-ACP will not support NTFS or ExFAT formatted drives.

Another possible reason is if there is a slight electrical short to the media when inserting, the P-ACP will disable the USB/SD ports to protect the rest of the electrical components inside. This can happen if there's static electricity built up in the USB drive, and then it discharges when inserted.


If the media is sized appropriately and correctly formatted, you re-enable the USB/SD ports by power cycling the P-ACP. It is recommend to turn off the breaker powering the ERn/DRd rack housing the P-ACP for 30 seconds before powering back on.

If the unit still will not recognize USB/SD media the next step is to power off the ERn/DRd rack, remove the P-ACP and let it sit outside of the rack for several minutes. Then re-insert the P-ACP, power up and test again. If the unit still has problems the P-ACP will need to be repaired. Contact ETC Technical Services for assistance.

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