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Paradigm processor won't gain control of the system when sACN source at a higher priority goes away


My system is setup with a console sending sACN data to a Paradigm processor (P-ACP), which then gateways the sACN to DMX for communication to the rest of the system. I have my console's sACN priority set higher than Paradigm's, and when the source goes away Paradigm is having trouble taking over.

Explanation of Issue

This is most likely due to the sACN Data Loss Behavior of sACN on the P-ACP. The default behavior is "Wait and Fade" after 3 minutes. The P-ACP will hang onto the last look from the sACN source, before turning it off after the designated time. It's also possible the behavior was changed to a longer interval of time, or could be set to "Hold Last Look", which hangs onto the last look forever, or until the source returns, or the P-ACP is rebooted.


To solve this problem you can change the sACN Loss Behavior by following the instructions below:

  1. Press the check mark on the P-ACP to go into the Main Menu.
  2. Scroll to Arch Setup and press the check mark.
  3. Scroll to Data Loss & Power On and press the check mark.
  4. Scroll to the "Mode:" line below sACN Loss Behavior and press the check mark to change from "Hold Last Look" to "Wait and Fade", or if that setting is already correct, scroll to "Wait Time:" and press the check mark to change the minutes, and then seconds to the desire time. Setting it to 00:00 will allow the P-ACP to gain immediately control.
  5. Press the < button multiple times until you see "System OK" on the screen to exit the menus.


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