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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Setting Up a Loaner Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP)

Getting Started

Thank you for taking advantage of ETC's loaner program.

Once you've followed the instructions below, pack up your unit in the box the loaner came in. Please send only the items on the repair order; unless instructed otherwise, do not send in any accessories, cables, or peripherals. If you do not have the appropriate packing material, contact ETC Technical Services.

Please ship to:

ETC, Inc
ATTN: RMA# <your RMA number>
3031 N Pleasant View Rd
Middleton, WI 53562

If you run into any issues while following the process outlined below, contact ETC Technical Services.


P-ACPs  require an architectural configuration to function. If the steps below are not followed, your loaner will not function correctly.


Ensure that power to the rack is disconnected before removing any components. Failure to do so can result in damage to your equipment or personal injury.

Swapping Compact Flash Cards

  1. Shut off mains power to the rack.
  2. Slide your P-ACP out of the front of the rack.
  3. Remove the compact flash card from the back of the processor - it should slide straight out.
  4. Remove the loaner compact flash card from the loaner processor and replace it with your card.

Please retain the loaner card to return with the loaner processor.

  1. Slide the loaner into the rack where your processor was.
  2. Power up and test system functionality.

What if I sent my processor in with the card inside?

You can either load from another device on the network or from a USB drive or SD card. Instructinos for both options are detailed below.

Loading From USB

  1. Obtain a copy of your configuration from ETC Technical Services (1-800-688-4116).
  2. Put the file on a flash drive 16gb or smaller in size or an SD card 8GB or smaller in size.
  3. Follow the directions in the "Second Step" section of How to Load a Configuration File to a Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP) via USB or SD. There is also a helpful video at the end of the article!

Loading From Network

If you have a multi-processor or server system, there are a few different devices on your network that have a copy of your architectural configuration. The directions on how to do this are in the "Second Step - Loading the new Config" section of How to Load a Configuration File to a Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP) via Network.

After the Repair

Once you receive your processor back in the mail, simply put your card back in it and you should be good to go.